People vs hoaxers

People versus hoaxers

Welcome to our updated website. This is not the launch of the 2013 challenge yet because we thought the fairest way forward would be to give anyone a chance to participate; that way all creative postings would be published here and taken into consideration.

The information of the Challenge 2012 will still be available as a reference for at least another month. We have been working on the new Challenge since 31. of August and it all looks most encouraging. We will update this site with new information and new conditions in the Spring, or earlier if circumstances require it. Before we do, this site will remain open for all constructive comments from anybody who would like to be part of this project.

People vs. hoaxers could mean a wider campaign – instead of some small group of enthusiastic individuals – to disclose the truth behind this beautiful phenomenon we call Crop Circles. We do believe there are millions out there who would like to assist in revealing the truth about Crop Circles and UFOs.

Do you want to participate in the disclosure of Crop Circles’ cover-up? Do you believe there is a Crop Circles’ cover-up? If you are one of those seeking the truth and would like your voice to be heard, this is the time!

EHA group, 21/12/2012

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