Time for your ideas

Time for your ideas

OK, ladies and gentlemen, the preparations for the £100.000 Challenge are now in full swing. We are approaching the next stage of our ‘People vs hoaxers’ experiment and we are going to post all developments stage by stage as they arise.

We are most interested and keen to take on board all constructive ideas – ie. how to improve this year’s Challenge, how to make it clear and simple so that it is immediately understood by everyone.

Last year, some conditions of the contest were not properly understood – some were not even read in their entirety. So this time, to avoid any confusion, our aim is to make it as simple and transparent as possible.

This is however a complicated subject, an enterprise never attempted before, and there are specific details of the original 409 Galaxy pattern that need to be understood and respected.

Right now, we are in the process of gathering more data and information regarding the original 409, e.g. there are surveyings and measurements at our disposal that were meticulously gathered 12 years ago. They are very interesting indeed and will all be included in this year’s contest, giving a very clear picture of what the 2013 Crop Circle Challenge is all about.

One of the main advantages of CCC 2013 is that EHA group is not the sole contributor or funder of this project for there are several other people and groups involved. Some will be public and actively involved with promoting the Challenge, while others will remain in the background as silent advisers.

We also have on board a new solicitor from Chancery Solicitors, London, to represent us through the whole project, especially during the period of the Challenge when the £100,000 will be held in escrow account. We have started the process of negotiating and constructing the conditions in proper legal terms in case the need to go to Court arises.

This being the preparatory period with no final solutions agreed upon, it is a perfect time for anybody to feel free and come forward with their own ideas and input. Therefore grab this opportunity to put your name up there and become part of the completely new and revolutionary project that could instigate consequences we can only dream of…

EHA group, 9.1. 2013


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