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The draft

of the conditions for

The Crop Circle Challenge 2013

Is it possible for a team of “artists” to re-create the largest crop circle ever seen? In seven hours? In the pitch-dark? In a rain sodden field?

On the 12. of August 2001 409 circles, arranged in a spiraling galaxy formation, appeared in a field of mature wheat on top of Milk Hill, Wiltshire. Since then debate has raged over the authenticity, or otherwise, of the giant glyph.

Now ‘The Challenge” is being set! Can or will the “artists” step up and prove their claims of authorship?



1) An award of £100,000 (one hundred thousand pounds) will be paid by the Crop Circle Challenge group to a team of crop circle “hoaxers” who are able to successfully replicate the ‘Galaxy’ Milk Hill (409) crop circle of August 12. 2001. The £100.000 will be deposited and held in an escrow account at the official launch of the challenge.


2) Payment of the prize will depend on the decision of a mutually agreed judgment panel’s end finding.


3) The date of the Challenge 2013 launch has been changed to 21. of April. There will be three months time, available for applications, which will end on 21. of July 2013. The Challenge should take place around the same date as the original 2001 event.


4) The challenge will take place around the same date as the original 2001 event.


5) The team that take up the challenge may consist of up to 13 people.


6) Seven hours will be allowed for the completion of the formation. Clock starts at 22:00.


7) The exact date and location of the challenge is to be the choice of the event organizer.


8) No pre-preparation of the chosen test site will be permitted. The team that takes up the challenge will be given the exact location of the test 36 hours in advance of the challenge.


9) The formation must be created using survey diagram, photos and other recorded material taken from the original 2001 event, as supplied by the CCC Group.


10) The team may only use the simple tools and equipment that crop “artists” commonly claim to employ in their activities, i.e., survey tapes, wooden boards, sticks and string etc. If any high-tech devices are to be used in the creation of the replica formation such devices must have been readily available to the general public in 2001. No artificial lighting of any kind is allowed.


11) All parties must agree in advance to a reasonable margin or ‘error’ tolerance when judging the outcome of the test (e.g. up to 2%).


12) There will be at least one independent professional photographer who will take high resolution photos both from air and from the ground for later judgement and evaluation. Only accredited personnel will be allowed to record the whole event on the ground prior to final judgment.


13) Only accredited journalists will be allowed to follow the challenge from the field boundary on the day/night of the exercise.


14) The panel that will make a final judgment of the event will consist of two crop circle researchers, two crop circle “hoaxers”, two independent respected public figures and one member of the TCCC Group (this has later been changed to be replaced with another prominent public figure). Judgment will be based on the recorded physical attributes from the original 2001 formation.


15) All participants must agree in advance to being interviewed before and/or after the challenge by accredited journalists and/or a video team – as part of the documentation of the event. The participants must agree that all the recorded material of their work will be published and made freely available on the internet and other media – regardless of the challenge outcome.





The Crop Circle Challenge Group, 19. of March, 2013

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